Sound Technology - A Sound Investment

Cavitus is a global ultrasonic technology innovator focussed on bringing productivity improvement technology to the food and beverage industry. We service the beverage industry with our patented (and patent pending) BLE - Beverage Line Efficiency technology (Foam Control, Deaeration and Fobbing) and the dairy industry with our SDE - Spray Drying Efficiency technology, achieving greater than 10% efficiency gains, energy savings and reducing product waste. We apply sound waves to achieve payback periods of less than 12 months, that is why we say "Sound Technology-A Sound Investment".

Our company is active worldwide with offices in the USA (Atlanta) Australia (Brisbane), Asia (Malaysia) and Europe (Switzerland) and distributors in Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Central Asia (Turkey, Syria, Pakistan), India, China and Central & Southern Africa. 

Foam Control for Breweries

Cavitus offers an innovative solution for foam issues on filling lines within breweries. The foam control system can be fitted to new lines, or easily adapted to existing lines.

Foam Control for Beverage Industries

The Cavitus foam control system has applications across all types of filling lines.