palm oil


Increasing Palm Milling Yields

Due to the significant value of crude palm oil, much work has been done by the milling industry to optimise the amount of oil extracted during the milling process. However, even with the most optimised processes, economically significant quantities of oil remain bound in solid particles, which are expelled from the milling process as waste matter. This oil not only represents a lost revenue opportunity to the mill, but also places a significant load on mill effluent treatment systems and emits substantial quantities of greenhouse gas during wastewater treatment.

Cavitus Palm Extraction (CPE) (patent pending) provides further increases in crude palm oil yield using a simple, additive free, in-line process. By utilising intense ultrasound under conditions known to create effective cavitation, the CPE process ruptures fruit cell walls without reducing solid particle size and increases the amount of crude oil released prior to solids separation.

Results from full-scale trials to date have shown yield increases of up to 2.3 kg crude palm oil per tonne of Fresh Fruit Bunch (FFB) on processing lines which are already heavily optimised. These results are based on reduction of oil losses to the mill effluent and sludge streams, thus reducing the environmental impact of the mill and providing increased oil revenue per tonne of FFB processed.

Cavitus Palm Extraction (CPE) is a practical, energy efficient process, which can be easily retro-fitted into existing mill processes.

"Cargill began using the Cavitus Ultrasonic technology in one of our mills in November 2010, and have since optimized the design to minimize oil loss in the POME stream. This has yielded an average reduction of 0.2% in the total absolute oil loss per metric tonne of FFB. Based on data gathered from invention-stage pilot trials a few years ago, greater oil loss is expected in an inefficiently operated plant. Cargill's 0.2% improvement was achieved at our best performing mill, which was already experiencing low oil loss."

Azlan Adnan - Director of Operations, Cargill